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Watch is a Perfect Gift for him and her

A watch is a daily reminder of the person who gifted it to you. Watches are a meaningful gift, you wear them on your wrist and are reminded daily of the person who gave them to you. Gifting a watch is a way to tell someone that you care about them, and want to be present in their everyday life.


Creators of the early Watches

Le Locle, as well as La Chaux-de-Fonds, owes its survival to the manufacturing and exports of watches. The industry of watch making was brought to Le Locle in the 17th century by Daniel JeanRichard, a self-taught watchmaker who encouraged the farmers of the area to start manufacturing watch components for him during the long winters. In the 20th century, the micro-mechanical industry was added.


Digital Jumping-Seconds Display

The F.P. Journe Vagabondage III is the third in Journe’s series of tortue-case shaped jumping time Vagabondage watches, and it’s the most exposed, with much of the mechanism for advancing the time disks open to view. Not only that, it’s the very first wristwatch with a jumping digital seconds indication, which I would have bet real money was impossible, thanks to the energy needed to jump the disks. It’s also going to be the very last Vagabondage watch, according to Journe.